BrewReview: Freddy D

Three Heads brewing has created a Freddy D Lager. This is a Amber ale with a light wheat bread taste. This is not a striking beer but more of a mellow. I believe it was trying to be a concept from this Frederick Douglass quote, "In order to make a man a slave, it is necessary to silence or drown his mind,". A very true to history quote and I'm not quite sure if this company understood that. 


Not only does this beer fail to taste good, to me in no way shape or form does it pay respects to the great Frederick Douglass. Maybe if it was a nonalcoholic drink with the old fashion flair it would've done justice. But this beer is definitely the opposite and I'm not looking forward to drinking this again. I couldn't imagine what it would taste good with. Maybe something basic like a bag of Doritos or some shit. 💩 out of five beers. It taste like dirty dish water, somebody get me a Real drink with some respect on it!