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Good Music: I feel like Pablo, Escobar or Picasso?

After listening to Kanye West 'The Life Of Pablo' (iTunes) finished version (finally) it makes his previous album Yeezus look like a EP with broken unfinished sounds that were leading you to this more polished ride. With quotes like " I've been outta my mind for a long time" and "Name one genius that aint crazy!" It all makes sense now! Each track has a title and theme that for the most part drives with a few tracks that loses it's control but it doesn't crash. With a Super Strong opening track 'Ultralight Beam' then 'Feedback' 'Low Lights' 'Wolves' 'No More Parties In LA' 'Fade' and '30 Hours' following close behind, scores! The cover art is a bit weak and the story makes me question who's life are we talking about?  

That does not stop me from appreciating the mad science that went into this album. Thanx Ye!