The People Vs Kanye West

I was asked to do a Breakdown Album Review on Kanye West latest album 'Life of Pablo' but here we are almost a month later after its digital, no physical release and still no final album.  

"Houston we have a problem" I currently have 3 different versions of this album and after seeing messages like this 

Im done! I mean come on bruh!! Then this NEW album announcement was made on Twitter and it adds to the list of things tasteless. April fools joke or not this announcement was not funny 

Smh. I mean from what I heard it was ok but its not far from the ill fated 'Yeezus' album. A Bad studio mix, weak design, off lyrical content and weak subject matter makes you ask when people say its good, "Has the bar for good music dropped?". In a good human defense maybe he is just too busy with his family for music

Maybe his fashion line has halted his music growth 

OK! Maybe his ego, Twitter beefs and rants are melting him down

Whatever it is I understand we are all human, we all have flaws and I really miss the old Kanye and I bet you so does.... Kanye.

By Khalil w.