GOOD HEART: Untitled

Pain in our hearts, the world doesn't care

The weak won't do, the world isn't fair

Man misuses you, see's you as average

The greedy wants all of you, words of a savage

Maybe I lack empathy

Maybe your insensitive

Your a fool for attention   

No offense, I am too

In the same room as you

A unknown tension

Its summer now

but year round its winter with you

Cold as we don't speak, I want more from you

Youth makes you overly confident and very naive

Timeless but impatient, my old soul speaks. This is what makes me wise

Alone and incomplete

But this means nothing if I can't influence you

I see your potential, others purposely mislead you

Lies on top of lies, we only hurt each other 

No fucks given to all your false lovers

If this picture is priceless

You have met deceit because this is not the one

If the next time I see you and we can't take one

Then I have lost one

I want us to grow and if your heart feels this reach as a touch

Then you know I care

Don't be careless, the next photo I take I want you to be there

No makeup, filters or add ons

All natural, just you, your soul, your truth and your heart