GOOD FAITH: Car Service

Ever own or invested in a car? Ever had a major issue with your car and had to bring it into the dealership (not local but the real deal dealership), sit for hours just to hear the good or bad news? Even if you have a warranty or knows somebody that knows somebody there is the factor that the bad out weighs the good. In most cases while sitting in a plush and nice waiting room, you and several other people are there in a waiting room (because they never are empty just like the worlds problems, they have them) and one by one you hear and see the technicians talk to the customers. I overhear things like, "You failed your inspection." "You have a leak." "We are going to have to keep your car overnight, do you have any way home?" "There is a major issue." Agh! Even the wealthy dread hearing things like this because of cost, time and worries of if its repairable or not. Thank GOD most of my situations have been words like, "There is an issue but no worries, your warranty has you fully covered." I look at this with a deep prospective. If you car is like your souls vessel and guardian that protects you, takes you to your homes, roads and places you choose to go (your path). The dealership with its workers, techs, cars, deals and more are servants, messengers, books, guides, boats and tools. A Good car and warranty is like investing your time and life in good faith, high power and GOD. You get what you pay for. You reap what you sow. Drive safe, be safe. Pray well, as will be well. ECT Invest your life, time and money well and you will be awarded. I'm just giving you something to think about.