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Good Visuals- “This is America”

Yesterday. Childish Gambino dropped a visual for his new single “This is America”


At first glance.  You just hear chanting.

We just want to party

we just want the molly  

molly just for you


You’re unsure of what is happening until about 52 seconds in. The puzzling movements and eye movements make it clear that the video has deeper roots. And those roots date to Jim Crow or the Minstrel era of entertainment.   


Black face or even the poses he chose are iconic in this style which leads to a deeper conversation about the content and musical catalogs of the newer generation of artists and the use or pharmaceutical drugs, gun violence , and police brutality.  



Instances of posing and or exaggerated dancing or motions are the product of this style of entertainment.  




You can learn more about black face and the Jim Crow era and a quick history lesson HERE



You have to watch a few times to catch the message. 


The chaos in the background, which is artfully planned. Is slightly missed the first few times you watch the video.  


Check out out the video below.  


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