INOVAtion3 Is An “lifestyle brand” that includes: Limited Release, High Quality, And Uniquely Creative garments, events, & anything “GENIUS”. 


The "Light bulb" Represents The Individual Light That We Are Born With. The Crack Represents The Creative Freedom And Immeasurable Joy One Feels From Being "Unapologetic" Who They Are.


aLL GARMENTS ARE LIMITED TO 48 OR LESS.  All items are first come , first serve (FCFS) via pre-sale. REMAINING items will be sold to the general public.


We do not restock colorways or styles,

once its gone. its gone! 


INOVAtion3 also has other services that are offered via Sharda' Beverly:

CURATEDbySHAR: Gently used Items via personal shopping services up for resale.(Subject to fees for consignment and fees of FINAL SALE VALUE OF ITEM) 

FIND YOUR SOLE: SOLEsearchin' Sneaker expo Brand 





INOVAtion3 Allows Creatives, Though Expressions Of LIGHT Access To The "GOODidea". Transcending Cultural Thresholds Through Branded Representation Of Life, Community And Individuality.


INOVAtion3 provides high quality one of a kind experiences for every genius